If your own traditional Marketing techniques like outbound sales calls, Costly advertisements in print & TV media, Word-of-mouth marketing, presence in the market from years and door-to-door marketing are producing Jaw-dropping results, you are the luckiest. But, if all of these are not able to meet the targets which you always anticipated, then there must be something wrong with the marketing strategy what you are following.
It is time to shift to a more wide reached and planned way of approach marketing strategy available for no-cost over the internet- INBOUND MARKETING.

Marketing was always our passion. At Triplehorn, We believe it's a marathon. Not a sprint.

Inbound leads costs 60% less than outbound leads. Considering the amount of waste associated with traditional, impression-based advertising, inbound marketing provides a much more focused program that matches today's buyer's behaviour.


While perceiving your business idea, we begin meeting you for an in-depth knowledge of your business through Q&A sessions. This careful study of your business, your goals, your customers and your expectations will lead us to build a customized strategy for your company’s website. This will guide us as a road map for following steps.

Making an online research of your product / service and your competitor’s network, we will be able to project the Brand positioning of your company through our visual design aspects and content management system. During this process we will work according to our pre-determined plan to bring your ideas and goals together in visual perception that enhances your company branding.

We believe every website is as unique as the individuals of the company and maintain coherence between your company and your website. Our team of individual minds makes sure the website would run as smooth as you thought it to be in a manner you always wanted.

At last, when our design team places your thoughts and development team breaks the code for your website and make sure they are running parallel, we will be assisting you in each and every step of launching process. In addition we help you with the tips that make your website more visible to the world.

Once your website is live, we won’t disappear like others. We are always there to support you with content maintenance, software upgrades, online marketing and more. We will also help you understand your website traffic metrics and what they mean to your business. We are part of your team. We care about your business and will be by your side every step of the way.

Establishing your presence in social channels, paying attention to your audience, engaging with people and help you responding to queries and ideas, we stand as your design partner for your organization. A treasure trove of content ideas, we believe in placing the content that rightly hits your targets clients and make revenue to your company.

Additionally, we can help with search engine optimization, content writing and digital marketing to ensure that your website not only looks good but that your message is carried through your content.

Our services

Creating sales copies for Businesses
Market Surveying
Designing Sales Strategies
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
Link building services
Directory Submission
Social Book marking
Content development
Adwords support
Object relational Mapping
Social Media optimization
Maintaining Blogs
Optimizing websites
Making products more visible
Creating Social links
Corporate presentations
Podcasts/ E-news letter/ Whitepapers/ Video / E-books

Why spend thousands to hire a full-time web developer and a marketer? We are not only your consultants – we are part of your team. We care about your business and will be by your side every step of the way.


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